A Slumber did my Spirit Seal NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Beehive Poem 10

A Slumber did my Spirit Seal NCERT Text Book Questions and Answers

Question 1.
“A slumber did my spirit seal,” says the poet. That is, a deep sleep ‘closed ofF his soul (or mind). How does the poet react to his loved one’s death? Does he feel bitter grief? Or does he feel a great peace?
The poet was shocked on the death of his beloved. He was very sad. He feels bitter grief. But after some realisation, he feels a great peace. He is contented that the passing of time will no longer affect her. She is in peace and has become part of nature.

Question 2.
The passing of time will no longer affect her, says the poet. Which lines of the poem say this?
The poet’s beloved is dead. Initially, the poet was too sad to think of anything. Then he realized that the beloved is now unaffected by the passing time. The line that could not feel the touch of earthly years says this.

Question 3.
How does the poet imagine her to be, after death? Does he think of her as a person living in a very happy state (a ‘heaven’)? Or does he see her now as a part of nature? In which lines of the poem do you find your answer?
The poet imagines her to be in peace after death. She has gone in a deep sleep away from all the worldly affairs. Now the passing of time will have no effect on her. She is now part of nature. The lines are: ‘No motion has she now, no force She neither hears nor sees.


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