How to write an Address Change Letter

Address Change Letter is type of letter which is written to a person, authority, organisation etc. to provide information regarding the change of your address.Letter for change of address is mostly official letter and is written as such.

How to write an Address Change Letter :
  • Keep important documents alongside – Sending your address details require that you keep all the important relevant documents with you. Collect all these papers and only then sit down to write them. Even though we may remember our new address it is better to keep documents pertaining to them. A minor mistake can make your effort futile. Rent payment receipt, property papers or any necessary document might be required to show change of address.
  • Short and Specific – Address change letter don’t require any literature which can be said to be intellectual. It is a simple and specific piece of information meant for one purpose only. No stories, incidents, claims or any other thing needs to be mentioned. It is ‘What it stands for’ without any hidden agenda.
  • Inform ahead of time – Often we find heaps of letters in our neighbours houses or shifted businesses, this happens because they didn’t inform in time about the change of their address. It is wise to write in advance by mentioning that you are shifting. You can provide a temporary address or you can suggest the readers that they shouldn’t send any correspondence during the allotted time. This will save you time, avoid delay and ensure quick delivery at the mentioned address.
  • Attachments – Change of mailing address letter may require some document to be sent along with the letter. Depending on the recipient you may have to attach different types of important documents as a proof of your address change.
  • Apologise for any Inconvenience – Businesses do get affected with the change in address. Important clients, partners, foreign dignitaries etc. may suffer from such a change. Where it is evident that such occurrences are happening, it becomes compulsory that one should include a few words of apology for the inconvenience caused to them.
  • One-for-All Format – It can be tedious task to write and send a large amount of letter regarding change of address. Since the basic purpose of these letters is to update information, a single format can be used for everyone. To decrease the burden you can stick to One-for-All Format, create a basic change of letter format and makes copies of it. Just change the addresses and the names.
  • Drafting – A with all letters, drafting is important to sort out any mistakes, big or small. As a rule, place the information into short paragraphs. Go through the contents again and refer them with the documents. Check for the correct mailing address.
  • Proofreading – Check your grammar, spellings, sentence formation and structure. Use professional fonts like Times New Roman or Arial and maintain the same. Also keep in mind the legibility of words; neither too small nor too big. Appropriate dates, signature and complimentary closure should not be forgotten.
  • Only Typed Letters – Being official, these letters are to be typed as it is more uniform in structure. Handwritten letters are prone to structural mistakes with reference to word formation and wiring types. As they are also used for business they are supposed to be typed.
  • Paper Letters, effective than E-mails – Emails have taken over paper mail but it is not advisable to use email as conventional businesses still work in conventional ways. Paper letter are also tangible, easy to store and access. Emails are dependent on PC, Internet and Power supply, besides server failures, technical issues etc. can make it ineffective. Postal mail has a long history of establishment and is very reliable. However, just to make sure send both types of mails.


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