The Last Leaf NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Moments Chapter 7

The Last Leaf NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Moments Chapter 7

The Last Leaf NCERT Text Book Questions and Answers

Question 1.
What is Johnsy’s illness? What can cure her, the medicine or the willingness to live?
Johnsy was suffering from pneumonia. Only the willingness to live could cure her. She had made up her mind that she was not going to get well. The doctor said that if she did not want to live, then medicines would not help her.

Question 2.
Do you think the feeling of depression Johnsy has is common among teenagers?
Yes, the fear Johnsy has, is common among the teenagers. Johnsy was under depression. She had lost her interest in life. The young minds are immature, sensitive and emotionally unstable. They cannot cope with the demanding competition in their lives. They want to perform but if there is any failure, they go into depression.

Question 3.
Behrman has a dream. What is it? Does it come true?
Behrman has a dream. He wanted to create a painting which would be his masterpiece. Yes, his dream comes true when he paints the last leaf of the ivy creeper to keep the hopes of a young girl alive though he had to lose his life doing so.

Question 4.
What is Behrman’s masterpiece? What makes Sue say so?
Behrman was an old artist. His masterpiece was the painting of an ivy leaf. The leaf looked so real that even the artist like Johnsy could not realise its genuineness. She thought that it was a real leaf. This leaf was a masterpiece in the sense that it saved the life of a girl. Sue was justified in making the statement.

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