Unit 2 Teamwork

NCERT Solutions Class 5 English
Book: National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT)
Board: Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)
Class: 5
Subject: English
Chapter: 2
Chapters Name: Teamwork
Medium: English

Teamwork | Class 5 English | NCERT Books Solutions

Class 5 English Chapter 1 Teamwork Questions From Textbook Solved

Let’s Read
Complete the following sentences.
निम्न वाक्यों को पूरा कीजिए।

  1. If nobody passes the ball in a basketball game, then you can’t
  2. In a relay race, if no one passes the baton, then

Answer :

  1. shoot
  2. relay race cannot go on.

Think and Write
Question 1.
Name the team members needed for the following.
निम्नलिखित के लिए आवश्यक दल के सदस्यों के नाम लिखिए।
(i) To play cricket we need
batsmen, bowlers, fielders, coaches
(ii) To make a film we need
(iii) To run a good school we need
(iv) To run a restaurant we need
Answer :
(ii) producers, directors, actors, dancers, cameramen, musicians
(iii) principal, teachers, students, clerical staff, peon
(iv) manager, cooks, waiters

Question 2.
Complete the sets of rhyming words. One has been done for you.

लयबद्ध शब्दों के समूह को पूरा कीजिए। आपकी सहायता के लिए एक किया गया है।

Words from the poem team plus done hoop shoot goal joy
Your own words beam

Answer :

Words from the poem team plus done hoop shoot goal joy
Your own words beam us bun loop root coal boy

Question 3.
Read the poem.
कविता पढ़िए।

Now form questions for the answers given in the speech bubbles.

Answer :
Question 1.
Why was the shoe lost?
Answer :
The shoe was lost because of the nail.

Question 2.
Why was the kingdom lost?
Answer :
The kingdom was lost because the battle could not be fought.

Question 3.
Why was the battle lost?
Answer :
The battle was lost because there was no rider.

Now make three more questions and answers from the poem, Teamwork.
अब कविता टीमवर्क से तीन और प्रश्न एवं उत्तर तैयार कीजिए।
Answer :
Question 1.
How can we make our dream work?
Answer :
We can make our dream work by working together.

Question 2.
How can the relay race go on?
Answer :
The relay race can go on if someone passes the baton.

Question 3.
How can we achieve our common goal?
Answer :
We can achieve our common goal by working together.

Picture Composition
Look at the picture and answer the questions in one sentence using the word clues given in the box.

Question 1.
Who is laying the bricks?
Answer :
The mason is laying the bricks.

Question 2.
Who is holding the ladder?
Answer :
The labourer is holding the ladder.

Question 3.
Who is the man on the ladder?
Answer :
The man on the ladder is electrician.

Question 4.
Who is making the door?
Answer :
The carpenter is making the door.

Question 5.
Who is painting the wall?
Answer :
The painter is painting the wall.

Now make up a story about the picture. Give names to the people. Write the story showing the importance of teamwork.
अब चित्र के बारे में एक कहानी बनाइए। लोगों के नाम दीजिए। मिलकर काम करने के महत्त्व को दिखाते हुए कहानी लिखिए।
Answer :
The picture given above shows that a house is being built. A number of people are engaged in this work. Mahesh, the mason, is laying the bricks. Naresh, the carpenter, is busy in making the door. Sheru is a labourer who is holding the ladder on which Naseem, the electrician, is standing and busy in electric fittings. A house or flat cannot be completed without a plumber. Hence, Rohit is called to lay water pipes. But how can a house or flat look beautiful if there is no painter. For this work Sadhu Mahto is called who is a very good painter. He paints the entire house beautifully. Everyone admires his work.
Thus, building of a house or flat is a teamwork. Everyone needed in this work is ; equally important.

Let’s Talk
Question 1.
In groups of five, discuss what you enjoy doing alone and what you like doing in a group.
पाँच के समूह में चर्चा कीजिए कि आप अकेले में क्या करना पसंद करते हैं और समूह में क्या करना पसंद करते हैं।
Now prepare a list as shown below.
अब नीचे दिखाई गई सूची की तरह एक सूची तैयार कीजिए।

Things I like doing alone Things I like doing in a group

Answer :

Things I like doing alone Things I like doing in a group
Listening to music Going to the zoo
Reading story books Playing cricket
Playing video games Celebrating my birthday
Painting Dancing
Doing homework Swimming

Question 2.
In your family, what activities are done individually and as a group?
आपके परिवार में कौन-से कार्य/कार्यकलाप व्यक्तिगत रूप से और कौन-से सामूहिक रूप से किए जाते हैं?
My mother decides ______________________
My father decides I decide _______________
We decide _______________
Answer :

  • My mother decides the menu for day.
  • My father decides matters related to money.
  • I decide what to study and when to study.
  • We decide where we shall go during holidays.

Question 3.
In a group, mime an activity (picnic, fair/mela, cricket match etc.) which you enjoy. The rest of the class should guess the activity and say whether it is done in a group/alone.
समूह में, किसी कार्यकलाप (पिकनिक, मेला, क्रिकेट मैच आदि) का अभिनय कीजिए जो आपको पसंद है। कक्षा के शेष विद्यार्थी क्रिया-कलाप के बारे में यह अनुमान लगाएंगे कि उसे समूह में किया जाता है या अकेले में।
Answer :
Do it yourself.

Let’s Write
Question 1.
In the puzzle find the words given in the column. Notice that these words are formed by joining two words. One is done for you. Find some more such words.
इस पहेली के कॉलम में दिए गए शब्द खोजिए। ध्यान रखिए कि ये शब्द दो शब्दों को जोड़ने से बने हैं। आपकी सहायता के लिए एक किया गया है।
कुछ और ऐसे शब्द ढूंढ़िए।

Answer :

Question 2.
Let’s write a poem.
I have a kite but need a friend to fly it with.
I know a song but need someone to hear it.
I have a ball but need someone to catch it.
I ___________________________________
I ___________________________________
I ___________________________________
I ___________________________________
Answer :
I have a badminton kit but need someone to play with me.
I know a story but need someone to hear it.
I know acting but need someone to see it.
I have got a trophy but need someone to share the joy.

Fun Time
Make groups of ten and present one of the following activities in class.
दस का समूह बनाइए और निम्नलिखित क्रियाकलापों में से कोई एक अपने कक्षा में प्रस्तुत कीजिए।
skit song dance painting a chart for class
make paper bags from old newspaper
Answer :
Do it yourself.

Say Aloud
We sometimes use short forms for some words. For example, we use I’m for I am and I’ve for I have. These shortened words are called contractions.
The mark (‘) is an apostrophe which shows where the letters are left out.
Now read together.

Question 1.
Write the contractions for the following phrases.
निम्न के लिए शब्द संक्षेप लिखिए।
has not _______
have not _______
do not _______
are not _______
Answer :

Question 2.
Write the full forms for the following.
निम्नलिखित के लिए शब्द विस्तार लिखिए।
weren’t _______
she’ll _______
wasn’t _______
who’s _______
Answer :
were not
she will
was not
who is

Teamwork Summary In English

Teamwork is very important. We can bring our dreams come true by working together. And together we can share our joys of achieving something. It is a fun to put the ball through the ring. But we cannot shoot it if there is no one to pass it on. Similarly, relay race cannot go on if nobody passes the baton. When we work together we become strong and then it is easy to achieve the common goal.

Teamwork Summary In Hindi

मिलकर काम करना बहुत महत्त्वपूर्ण है। एक साथ मिलकर काम करने से हम अपने सपने साकार कर सकते हैं। और एक साथ मिलकर किसी उद्देश्य प्राप्ति की खुशी भी आपस में बाँट सकते हैं। बास्केटबॉल को छल्ले में से फेंकना बड़ा आनंददायक होता है किन्तु यदि एक खिलाड़ी आगे दूसरे खिलाड़ी को गेंद नहीं बढ़ाए तो कोई भी उसे मार नहीं सकता। है। उसी तरह कोई भी रिले रेस में बेटन आगे नहीं बढ़ा सकता। जब हम एक साथ मिलकर काम करते हैं तो हम मजबूत बनते हैं और तब साझा उद्देश्य को प्राप्त करना आसान हो जाता है।

Class 5 English Chapter 1 Teamwork Hindi Translation Of The Poem

1. Teamwork, teamwork,
Together we can make our dream work.
Then we’ll share the joy of what we’ve done.
Teamwork, everyone!
Word-Meanings-Teamwork (टीमवर्क)-working together, मिलकर काम करना। Make our dream work (मेक आवर ड्रीम वर्क) realise our dream, अपने सपनों को साकार करना। Share (शेयर)–बाँटना।
अनुवाद : मिलकर काम करें, मिलकर काम करें। एक साथ मिलकर काम करके हम अपने सपने साकार कर सकते हैं। तब हम प्रसन्न होंगे उस काम को देखकर जो हमने मिलकर किया है। अतः सभी मिलकर काम करें।

2. It’s fun to shoot the basketball through the hoop,
But if nobody passes then nobody shoots.
And the relay race just can’t go on.
If nobody wants to pass the baton.
Word-Meanings-Fun (फन)–joy, आनन्द। Shoot (शूट)—hit, मारना। Hoop (हूप)ring of the basket, छल्ला। Baton (बैटन) short stick, छोटा डंडा। Passes (पासेज)—moves onward, आगे बढ़ाता है।
अनुवाद : बास्केटबॉल को छल्ले में से फेंकना बड़ा मजेदार लगता है। किन्तु यदि एक खिलाड़ी आगे दूसरे खिलाड़ी को गेंद नहीं बढ़ाए तो कोई भी उसे मार नहीं सकता है। और रिले रेस भी जारी नहीं रह सकती यदि कोई खिलाड़ी बैटन को आगे बढ़ाना नहीं चाहे।

3. We’re the parts that make up the whole,
And we’ve got our eyes on a common goal.
Sometimes it can be a big plus,
When a you or a me becomes an us!
Word-Meanings—Whole (TTT) entire, fagot, gri Goal (tilct) target, aim, mell, उद्देश्य। A big plus (ए बिग प्लस) a big positive point, बहुत अच्छी बात।
अनुवाद : हम लोग भिन्न-भिन्न अंग हैं जिसे मिलाने पर संपूर्ण (एक) बनते हैं। और हमारी आँखों के सामने एक ही लक्ष्य है। कभी यह बहुत अच्छी बात हो सकती है जब एक तुम और एक मैं मिलकर हम लोग बन जाते हैं।


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