The Duck and the Kangaroo NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Beehive Poem 7

The Duck and the Kangaroo NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Beehive Poem 7

The Duck and the Kangaroo NCERT Text Book Questions and Answers

Question 1.
Why was Dad sure he wouldn’t fall?
Dad thought that he was an expert climber So he was sure he wouldn’t fall.

Question 2.
Which phrase in the poem expresses Dad’s self-confidence best?
The phrase “A climber like me” expresses his self-confidence best.

Question 3.
Describe Plan A and its consequences.
The plan A was to climb on the tree with the help of a ladder Dad tried to do so. But the ladder slipped and Dad fell in the flower-bed.

Question 4.
Plan C was a success. What went wrong then?
Plan C was a success because the cat had come down the tree. The thing that went wrong was (that) the Dad was stuck in the tree.

Question 5.
The cat was very happy to be on the ground. Pick out the phrase used to express this idea.
The following phrases have been used to express the idea that the cat was happy.

  • pleased as punch.
  • smiling and smirking

Question 6.
Describe the Cat and Dad situation in the beginning and at the end of the poem.
In the beginning of the poem, the cat was stuck in the tree. Dad was on the ground planning to bring the cat down. At the end of the poem. Dad was stuck in the tree and the cat was on the ground. However, the cat was very happy. It smiled and smirked.

Question 7.
Why and when did Dad say each of the following?
(i) Fall?
(ii) Never mind
(iii) Funny joke
(iv) Rubbish
(i) Dad said, ‘Fall ?‘ when Mum said, ‘For goodness sake, don’t fall !“.
(ii) Dad said, ‘Never Mind’ when the ladder had slipped and Dad had fallen in the flower-bed.
(iii) Dad said, ‘Funny joke” when Mum warned him not to fall again.
(iv) Dad said “Rubbish” when Mum asked him to stop trying to rescue the cat. She warned that it might break his neck.

Question 8.
Do you find the poem humorous? Read aloud lines which make you laugh.
Yes the poem is humorous. The following lines make us laugh. “So it’s smiling and smirking Smug as can be
But poor old Dad’s

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